• NEW 2 cycle 66/80cc bearing engine with built in clutch
  • Teardrop metal gas tank with quality black paint job
  • 44 Tooth chrome sprocket dished with 9 holes
  • Magneto that is sealed and weatherproofed
  • Certified EPA approved black Catalytic Converter Exhaust Pipe
  • UPGRADED Clutch Lever and cable with heavy duty bracket
  • Twist throttle w/ kill switch and cable
  • UPGRADED carburetor assembly with larger air intake
  • UPGRADED Fuel petcock with labels in English
  • High quality Japanese main bearings
  • CD ignition assembly
  • UPGRADED Size 415 motorcycle chain
  • Chain tensioner guide
  • Glossy black painted Chain guard
  • All the mounting brackets, gaskets, and hardware needed.
  • FREE Large Frame Adapter!!!
  • FREE Extra Long mounting bolts
  • FREE Clutch puller
  • Complete easy to follow installation instructions and maintenance manual
  • FREE Toll Free Technical Support
  • FREE Warranty!

Convert any standard V-Frame Bike into a Money Saving Machine!
The Gas Powered Bike Engine Kit comes with everything you need!

Buy in Confidence, All of our Bicycle Gas Engine Kits include everything needed to convert any typical 26 inch mulit-speed mountain bike or a single speed bike int a money saving gas powered machine. No worries because you will be able to ride and pedal your bike like normal. It is simple to start your new Gas Powered Bike Kit by simply releasing the clutch leaver. Absolutely no ropes to pull to get you going. A simple to use twist grip throttle will bring to cruising speeds of 35 to 40 mph depending on the gear ratio.

The Bike Engine Kit comes with a 44 tooth 9 hole chrome racing sprocket with easy to install 9 bolt universal mounting hardware that clamps over the rear wheel hub and spokes. This creates a totally independent drive sprocket and chain that does not interfere with your current drive chain or peddling. Order your Gas Bicycle Engine Kit today and cruise in style and save a ton of money doing it. Call 1-888-KIT-BIKE.


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